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At Tappz, we harness the transformative power of AI and AR to create apps that empower individuals, drive positive impact, and shape a better future.

Encouraging Creativity

We inspire unique ideas and encourage creative exploration in all engineering aspects to craft outstanding code, designs and animations.


We embrace diverse ideas, encourage fresh perspectives, and promote adaptability in every aspect of our work.

Driven by Passion

We are fueled by enthusiasm, persistently pushing boundaries, and creating apps with joy and love.

Empowering you to achieve more.

Welcome Pack
Unbox a delightful welcome pack, complete with goodies, as you begin your adventure with us
Remote & Flexible times
Enjoy the freedom of remote work and flexible schedules according to your own preferences
Work that really matters
Join us as we tackle meaningful challenges that truly matter in our fast-paced start-up environment
First class work equipment
We equip you with cutting-edge, top-class working devices that empower your productivity
Providing you the opportunity to seamlessly blend work and leisure while exploring inspiring destinations
Personal Growth
Culture of continuous learning and growth through collaborative mentoring and code reviews

Join Us Now. Grow more than you ever thought possible. We can’t wait to hear from you.